identify relevant actor

Specific objetives

The project has the following specific objectives:

  • To identify relevant actor working in the field of PHS to involve in the project, creating a partnership that includes public actors, non-profit organizations private employment services and SMEs. 
  • To analyze, take into account a gender perspective, the policies developed dealing with the achievement of efficiency in the field of the productivity gains, the introduction of new technologies and the development of new work organizations in the sector of PHS. This analysis will include analyze of legislation, method of partnership, innovation support system, new technologies, new work organizations
  • To identity effective implementation measures, good practices and innovative approaches of policies and actions developed in the PHS Sector.
  • To design a Good Practices Guide to be used by policy makers, experts and stakeholders in order to study the different experiences and select the most adequate to be introduced.
  • To define a Policies and Actions Proposal once the success factors of the different experiences have been analyzed. These proposals will be able to be used by governments and stakeholders to roll out new legislation or actions in specific employment services, aimed at sustainable placements in jobs.
  • To develop an Implementation Methodology to follow in order to get into practice the Policies and Actions Proposal.
  • To design a PHS Research and Proposals Guide, including the Good Practices, the Policies and Actions Proposal and the Implementation Methodology to be adopted to promote efficiency in the PHS sector.
  • To share the PHS Analysis and Proposals Guide among participants in the project, policy makers and stakeholders in the countries involved in the project and all over Europe. 

To transfer the project results at European level, through formal and informal national and international Networks.