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The general objective of the Project Best European Policies, Analysis and Transference in PHS (BESPAT) is to identify and exchange Good Practices regarding the policies and actions in the sector of Personal and Household Services carried out by local, regional or national Governments of the countries involved in the project as a way to define a Policies and Actions Proposal to encourage the efficiency of these services and to contribute trough the creation of new jobs to the objectives of European 2020 Strategy.

The good practices identified will deal specially with productivity gains, the introduction of new technologies and the development of new work organizations. Around 20 good practices will be identified all over Europe.

The project will define a Policies and Actions Proposal to be carried out by governments in order to improve the efficiency of the PHS Sector. To facilitate the adoption of this Proposal, the project will define an Implementation Methodology to follow.

The results of the research and analysis will be gathered in the publication PHS Research and Proposals Guide. There will be a wide dissemination of this Guide, in order to guarantee the transference of the results of the project and, therefore, contribute to the introduction of policies and actions to increase the efficiency in the PHS Sector.

A great value of the project is the composition of the consortium. It is formed by representatives of the Social Economy, networks of Local Authorities, Associations of Local Authorities, Regional authorities and non-governmental organizations and Universities. Social economy companies have the greatest impact in this sector. They have traditionally acted in the provision of services to people in situations of dependency. They are, by their nature the entities with the greatest impact in this sector.

The project has a duration of 18 months. From 31st October 2014 to 29th April 2016

The total cost of the project is 296.338,85 €. It has an European Union funding of 237.071,08 € (80%), from the Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity — PROGRESS

PROGRESS is the EU employment and social solidarity programme, set up to provide financial support for the attainment of the European Union’s objectives in employment, social affairs and equal opportunities as set out in the Social Agenda, as well as to the Objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The partners are

Association of Local Democracy Agencies. ALDA

Confederación Empresarial De Sociedades Laborales De España. CONFESAL. Coordinator of the project

Diesis, coop. DIESIS

Réseau Européen Des Villes Et Régions De L’economie Sociale Aisbl .REVES AISBL

Scuola Nazionale Servizi Foundation. SNS Foundation.